Recovery Stations


I had a small operation last week and as a result I have been off work for a few days. I am very much on the mend now and have felt privileged to have had some extra time for writing. I have to say I didn’t really feel like it for the first couple of days and was very happy being lovingly looked after by my husband.

But as I am on the mend I was very keen to have a productive day and I am happy to report that it has been, in the last two days I’ve written 6000 words 4000 of those today. Today is also the first day that I felt like putting any make up and while I don’t believe it’s necessary to wear make up every day this morning it felt like a win that I could be bothered to and wanted to apply it.

I wrote in bed for the first hour of the day after the afore mentioned husband left for work I’ve noticed that if I get an early start then it usually leads to a more productive day. At 10 am I got up and got ready for the day and moved to the sofa.

When I’ve been taking breaks today I’ve been really enjoying watching some YouTube videos from Will Dean and if you haven’t already checked out his channel I strongly recommend you do. My husband also sent me a post from instagram about a very lovely luxury caravan which added fuel to fire of me wanting to run away from the standard 9-5 life that we have at the moment. This isn’t a spur of the moment thing, we’ve actually talked about selling up and going travelling lots of times. I don’t know if we ever will take the plunge but sometimes it’s nice to at least daydream about it.

I’ve also been listening to some podcasts, my daughter got me into these last year and now I’m worried that I’m madly addicted. Last night I started reading Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall and so far Im loving that. I tend to read a book and listen to a different book on audible at the same time. So whilst I was loading my dishwasher and preparing my lunch I was listening to Dark Pines by Will Dean. The quality of the writing in both these books is fab and sometimes I can feel a bit over whelmed by that and have that moment of self doubt where I think I’ll never be good enough but today I found it more encouraging than anything else.

Poached egg on toast for lunch of course, on my days off where I’m home alone it’s always poached egg for lunch. I would probably survive off of just this if I was left to my own devices.

The afternoon and early evening have been all about the word count, I’d given myself a goal of 6000 over the two days and I saved the document having completed 6006 definitely a win this week and keeping up with my goals.

I hope everyone's day has been as fruitful as mine and if you fancy telling me about how your writing day has looked or even your thoughts on poached eggs feel free to leave a comment.

Mobile Office


I feel very lucky that a couple of years ago my husband and I achieved a goal of owning a small motorhome which means on days like today my office is mobile and the view is fantastic. On top of that I’m also on holiday and not even thinking about my day job.

The downside is that I don’t always have as a productive a day as I would at home, I’m ok with that though because the time I spend roaming the countryside and hanging out with my husband helps to keep my creativity topped up. I find that these relaxing times are often the spring board for great new ideas or the further development of ones I already have in the pipe line.

This morning I had a lazy morning and got up at 8.30am - this might not sound like a ling lie to some but given that I normally get up at 6.20am it is for me. I had a leisurely breakfast of grapefruit followed by overnight oats and a morning spent chatting listening to music and reading.

Just before lunch we discovered our waste water pipe was blocked so the next hour was less glamorous as we got that cleared!

Lunch was sardines on toast sitting outside in the unexpected sunshine (only a few days ago, in our last location there was snow on the ground).

I’ve managed a respectable 1000 words so far today and hope to get at least another 2000 in before the end of the day. I’m trying to stay on track for my 4000 words this week (set out in my last goals & planning blog). I’m sure that the next few days of my holiday will allow me to get to that goal.

This evening will consist of chicken pie and veg and I’m excited that I was able to find Gluten Free Pieminster Pies in the local Morrisons here and then probably a DVD before an earliest bed as we’re departing tomorrow to head on to our next location.

I’d love to hear about a day in your writing life, why don’t you drop me an update in the comments.

Wednesday...My Write Day


I’m always fascinated by other writers routines, everybody works to a different timetable and I’m a big believer in there being no single right way. I thought it might be nice to share what my writing days look like with you all.

Typically I write on a Wednesday, either I have the full day off work or the afternoon. Today is one of those lucky weeks where I have the whole day off (this is because I am working Saturday and I’m sure I won’t feel as lucky when my alarm goes off at 6.13am)

I still get up pretty early on my days off to be able to have breakfast with my husband and do a few chores before my writing day commences. This morning the alarm was set for 6.48am My husband left for work at 8.15am and the next 45 minutes were for some quiet reading time.


At 9am I’m ready to get my laptop out and start writing. (sometimes I do this from my office but more often this session is done sitting in bed like it is today) I’m beginning to get more involved with my WIP so the words come relatively easily for the first hour or so, then it’s time for a tea break. Early on in a WIP I tend to have more tea breaks because I come to a point that I need to think about what’s going to happen next. As a pantser I don’t have an outline, I have a mental road map but naturally there are times when I want to think about what needs to happen to who, where and why.

Just now I’m still figuring a lot of things out so obviously I procrastinate by going on Twitter for too long before giving myself a talking to and getting back to the laptop. I spent the next hour deleting more words than I write before giving up to go and have a shower at the back of 11. I could happily spend all day writing in my PJs in bed, but sods law says that if I’m going to have a break in my story line it will be in the shower!

I dictated some notes on to my phone while still in the bathroom, before making my self look presentable and having some lunch (poached eggs on toast in case you were curious)


I find afternoons harder to get started and almost allow myself to get too involved with a podcast to get back to my laptop. But I’m back at it by 2pm, this time at the desk in the office. The house across the street has primary school age children who like to play outside loudly from about 3pm onwards so I’ve put a thunderstorm on my rainrain app on my phone to try and drown them out.

Still spent too much time looking at Twitter and typically got into a grove with the words about 40minutes before my husband got home from work.

Having a full day to write is something I look forward to so much and work really hard to protect. I don’t have a word count goal per day, because I know it depends on where I am in the WIP how easily the words flow. I’d love to hear about your writing routines feel free to share in the comments.