It all started in birmingham airport…

It was 2015 and I was doing a job that involved a lot of travelling around the UK. I was stuck in Birmingham airport and my flight was delayed by five hours.

I wandered around the airport looking for something to fill the void of time and found myself in WH Smith looking at books. And as overly dramatic was it sounds I had an epiphany whilst reading the blurb on the back of a book.

You see it reminded me of an idea I had years and years before but had never done anything with. I’d always known my passion was writing but I’d never really made it a consistent priority in my life.

That moment changed that and I spent the next five hours waiting and the hour on the plane to Edinburgh writing out an idea that became the first crime novel I ever wrote.

I’ve written two novels now and am currently querying the most recent. Dedicating my time to my writing has filled a void in my life and made me happier. I hope one day that it will be my full time day job.

I’m Angela and I hope that you will enjoy sharing in my thoughts and experiences. You can usually find me on Twitter.