Christmas Book List


Yes, I know I said the dreaded 'C' word.  There's no getting away from the fact that the season has changed and we are now definitely in Autumn.  This is one of my favourite seasons, as the evenings get darker curling up with a book seems a more universally accepted pass time.  The beauty of the autumnal colours are followed by winter meaning that Christmas is just around the corner.

I like Christmas but I'm not usually the type of person who starts their shopping early, generally I like to feel in the mood.  It's also a season of lists.  Santa has his naughty and nice list and I have a list of all the books I'd love to see under the Christmas tree and the one of the books I have enjoyed that I want to give as gifts.

I'm pretty methodical with my lists.  I have the obvious list; all the crime books that have come out this year (the ones I haven't already bought myself); the research/practical ones and the I saw the cover and fell in love ones.  

A couple of years ago I saw the cover of The Penguin Lessons and knew I wanted that book but it was close to Christmas so I didn't indulge promising myself that if I didn't receive it I would buy it after.  I was thoroughly delighted to find it amongst my gifts fro my daughter.  It was completely off my normal genre but I absolutely loved it.

The amazing thing about a book is not only that it gives you the opportunity to live in so many different worlds but that once you've finished it there's still plenty magic inside that you have the ability to share it with someone else.

There is something really special about someone telling you with excitement how they loved a book you gave them, especially if it's one you enjoyed.  That truly is a gift from the heart.