New Year New Books

I realised recently how long it’s been since I did a reading round up, more than six months. This is not because I’ve not been reading, in fact I’ve started lots of books but for some reason I’ve been in a real reading funk for a while.

I’ve had a lot of did not finishes and I don’t think that’s any reflection on those books, its much more about me and I’ve popped them back on my TBR pile.

The book that bucked the trend and broke me free of the funk was Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths. You’ll know I’m a fan of hers if you’ve read previous round ups. This was a completely new set of characters and I loved it, it drew me in kept me interesting and definitely got to the can’t put down stage towards the end. I would thoroughly recommend this book and was delighted to feel back on track with my reading.

I was lucky enough to get a couple of books I’ve been coveting for Christmas.


I’m currently reading Stiff and thoroughly enjoying it. I plan to read a lot more factual books this year, in part because there are quite a few on my TBR pile and also because I’d like to do some reading that supports my writing.

That’s not to say there are plenty of great fiction books there as well. I’ll keep you posted.