Planning 2.0


Right back at the start of this blog I posted about how I managed my writing process though goal setting.  Goals and time planning are the corner stones of achieving the completion of my first novel and then helped me through the editing stage.

I’m still a big fan of goal setting and I hope that it will inspire me through my 2nd novel and current WIP.  So this is not where I tell you that I've thrown all of that out of the window.  For all those who follow me regularly, firstly thank you :) and secondly you'll be aware that I've spoken a lot about the challenges I've been going through recently.

Trying to edit and prepare my original work for querying was gruelling and I'm not going to lie I found myself wanting to scream with frustration trying to write a synopsis.  Procrastinating on Twitter more than I should have did actually bring some comfort because I discovered that's how everyone feels.

In addition my non writer life has been throwing time challenges at me left, right and centre and I have found myself treading water rather than making progress.  I have accepted that these pressures and challenges are not going away any time soon, so I feel like it's a case of do something different or accept defeat.

I don't give in lightly so I decided to rethink my goal management and realised that the popular trend of bullet journaling might actually offer me a solution.  So I am only two weeks into my first month but I am enjoying seeing myself make progress across the stepping stones that end in achieved goals.

I will keep you updated on how this works out but for the first time in a while I feel like I'm working my way out of this quagmire.