Back on Track


I talk about goals a lot.  This is because I am both naturally a day dreamer and fairly competitive.  So without goals I could easily get derailed and end up not achieving.  Setting goals helps keep my more distractible self in check and appeals to my competitive side.  I love it when I smash a word count goal and see my dreams start to take shape.

I've been pretty honest on my blog talking about the challenges I was having trying to readjust my goals after completing my novel.  All of a sudden I was editing and researching agents etc and I missed actually writing.  I have been muddling through for the first three quarters of this year.  Now that doesn't mean I haven't achieved anything because I have. I've edited my book, I'm working through lists of agents for submissions, I'm dealing with rejections and I'm working on a new WIP.

You might be thinking that doesn't sound to bad for someone without a plan but luckily I have a BIG PICTURE plan which has just about kept me in check.  But I'm missing those regular and quarterly goals I was working with in the beginning.  The great news is that I have untangled myself from all the knots I was in and am no in a great space to get them set up,again.

Previously I've always kept my goals close to my chest, one of the changes I've decided to make this time is to make my goals public and I will review these in a blog at the start of the next quarter which this time round will coincide with the start of a New Year.

So here they are:

  • Send queries to all suitable agents for The Long Lie

  • Hit 35000 words on my WIP

  • Blog every week

  • Use my own photographs on at least half of these

  • Read 5 more books

  • Invest in a new printer

  • Purchase a binding machine

  • Organise my office

  • Host a Christmas Giveaway on Twitter

I am so grateful for the people who visit my blog and I would love to hear about you journey, progress and your goals.  If you have any questions or want to share leave your thoughts in the comments section of you can tweet me @_AngelaC1975