I've Moved On (to quarterly goals)


If you've been reading my blog from the beginning then you'll know that from time to time I write about setting goals and organisation and how they help me achieve.  And if you haven't well feel free to spend some time going back to those blogs.

Like with all parts of my journey my goal setting has evolved along the way.  During my first WIP I set monthly goals to help keep me motivated.  Late last year I moved on to Bullet Journaling as a way of having more focused and simply more goals.  Everyone was raving about how great it was blah blah blah so I thought I would give it a shot.  It worked not bad for the first couple of months and then it completely failed.  I'm not dissing Bullet Journaling it just turns out it wasn't for me.

My original goal setting had been simple lists with 5-7 things on them which I would scribble on throughout the month to mark my percentage to completion.  I've decided to go back to this because it worked before and it felt manageable.  

I bought a very nice notebook for my Bullet Journaling and as I wouldn't want to see this go to waste I am now using this for my lists.  

I set about writing Aprils list and I found that as I thought about what I was hoping to achieve I spilled over into Mays and before you know it June as well.  So for the first time albeit accidentally I had created a set of quarterly goals for myself.

I have some pretty lofty ambitions for this quarter.  I'll be finishing the first draft of the current WIP, editing, querying and planning my next WIP and working on my original book and deciding if I want to do another shot at querying it later in the year.

Iā€™m super excited to have created my first set of quarterly goals because there is also a tonne of other stuff going on in my work and personal life in this quarter, including having to study for, sit and pass a work related exam before the end of May and our annual two week summer holiday to name a couple of the biggies.  So to have this plan for my writing has helped me think about what I need to do, about how organised I am going to have to be and to be focused on what I want to achieve.

By Q3 I'll be moving on to a new position of writing my third book.  I'll be querying my second and I'm excited.  I hope that I can rise to the occasion and achieve my goals this quarter and I'll be sure to let you know.  I've set myself 21 goals in total.

I would thoroughly recommend goal setting of some sort as it really does help you to be motivated and focused.