Quarter Three Goals


It's a fresh quarter and I've taken some time to reflect on last quarter and think about what I want to achieve in this new one. I don't always achieve my goals but I definitely find that having goals keeps me more focused and on track.

Quarter three this year is all about me buckling down to the final round of edits of my current WIP titled Good & Guilty and I hope to be in a position to start querying agents by August time. I've already been working on my synopsis and letter a task that nearly broke me last time. Both still require some work but are nearly there and I think I have learnt a lot about synopsis writing over the last year or so which has made me feel more comfortable with what I am trying to achieve.

A challenge I have set myself is to learn how to write an elevator pitch. It's a skill that has completely alluded me up until now so will probably take some work and dedication.

In addition I have a new WIP brewing away in the back of my head and whilst I have jotted myself some notes I haven't done much planning. Not that I am a bigger planner anyway as you all know but I do like to write up a big picture mind map.

The new WIP requires me to do more research than ever before and will be written over a couple of time periods. I don't like to have long periods where I'm not writing so having a new project to look forward to is great but at the moment I am really loving editing and polishing Good & Guilty.

I have also set myself quite a few personal goals as well and while I prefer to keep them private one that I am happy to share is cooking.  I've always loved to cook and bake but I tend to go through phases and I'm hoping to be making more new recipes and increasing my repertoire of vegetarian dishes as well.