In my quest to take my writing seriously and to take myself as a writer seriously, which as a side note is equally as important, I realised that organisation was the one thing I had never really given much if any attention.

I set about thinking of what needed to happen from here (in this case here was not the beginning it was about 7000 words in) to the finish line.  The finish line, I quickly realised was not writing 80000 words.  In the bigger,  this book is ready for publication yeehah, plan 80000 words was definitely an important landmark an amazing achievement, but not, however the end of the journey.

No wonder so many people give up or put it in the I’ll do that one day pile.  I did my research and I discovered that “real” authors were talking about word count plans and monthly/quarterly goals.  

Could this work for me?  Was this the piece of the puzzle I was missing?  I mean I am pretty certain my idea is awesome, I love writing and I love my characters but I’ve been here before and there are awesome ideas in my ‘I never got round to completing’ this file.

I knew I had to do something different this time.  I had to think about the business side of writing.  I want this to be my full time occupation (now part of a pretty damn fine five year plan BTW) so I have integrated a shed load of planning and organising and scheduling into my writing.  Goals are just one part of this.  Now I have a route map for my journey and each goal or set of goals are points of interest.