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This year I have decided to participate in Camp Nanowrimo. I was going to mention it last week but to be honest I was nervous, this will be the largest amount of words I’ve ever targeted myself for and 10k more words than I have ever written in a month. So, I held back, wondering if I should mention it at all, just in case. Then I realised that I’m not that person anymore even though there is a default of embarrassment and shame inherent in me that says don’t talk openly about goals like this, what if you fail? People will judge you.

But the truth is that the writing community I surround myself with are kind, supportive cheerleaders of one another, I’ve never seen them put someone down for trying and not quite making it.It’s the opposite in fact, I’ve seem them get behind one another, letting other writers know that they believe in them, encouraging them to push that little bit harder and to write that little bit more. And if you don’t quite make it to your target they’re the first people to remind you how far you came and to admire what you’ve achieved.

So here I am letting you all know I’m going to give Camp nanowrimo a go, I know it’s going to be tough, the last nine days have already had their challenges. I’m a little behind schedule, at 8600 words but I know I have a few days this month where I’ll have the opportunity to get really long sessions in which will catch me up or drive me forward depending on where I am with it all.

I’ll keep you posted and thanks in advance for all the support. I’d love to hear how you’re doing on your Camp nanowrimo journey if you’re getting involved, let me know in the comments.