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Christmas is Calling

With only days to go to the main event it's fair to say that not much of a routine will be adhered to this week. I have far to much stuff to do:- Wrapping presents, and on a side note I know the stereotype is that woman do this beautifully and men not so much, however I assure you in this house it is absolutely the other way around - I can't even cut the paper in a straight line! Food Prep, Eating, Watching Christmas films all that good stuff.

Does that mean I won't write this week, well the honest answer is who knows. I love writing but I have the sort of life that means this doesn't happen every day and I'm okay with that. Book 4 is in a really good place, book 3 is with my editor and book 1 is almost ready for relaunch (oh you didn't know about that - well watch this page and my social media for more upcoming details and while you're at it sign up for my newsletter to be doubly sure you don't miss out).

In short what I'm saying is that author life is as in control as it'll ever be - now real life as always is another matter. But it's okay for this next couple of weeks to be in more chaos than usual, this is a go with the flow and have a good time event.

Thank you for being with me through these first months as a full time author - thanks to you all it's been wonderful. I'd like to wish you a wonderful holiday season from my home to yours. Cherish the time you have with loved ones, drink the hot chocolate curled up under your duvet on the sofa and live in Christmas PJs - it's all good.

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