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Renewed Intent

The events of last month have changed my life and amongst the sadness and grief which I imagine will always to some extent exist I've been thinking about what the future looks like for me. Perhaps there's nothing quite so motivating as the passing of a love one to remind you that time is finite.

My dad had lots of dreams - There were probably close to 60 writing craft books in his house and he had Cleary done a couple of courses as well. He'd got caught in that loop of doing everything but finishing the book.

I feel blessed to have achieved my lifelong ambition of being a published author but there's an awful lot more I'd like to do.

So, in part to honour my father and in part to achieve my dreams and to make sure that when my number's up my daughter isn't looking through my things at the things I didn't do, I'm making a plan.

I want to write more books in the Rowan series, and I have a standalone book I'd like to release as well. I want to get all the Rowan Series onto audible. In short I want to get my books into the hands of more readers and I want to get my head down and write as many stories as I can so my many ideas don't get wasted.

I remember when I turned 40 it came with a renewed vigour to achieve my goals, this time my intent is driven not only by my ambitions, but my desire to achieve as much as I can in my life.

And to be honest I'm taking this attitude away from the keyboard too. Later this year I'm having my left hip replaced and I want to make sure I'm in the best possible condition for that and the recovery that will follow. I want to take my camper van to islands around Scotland, see the Northern Lights, take lots of photos and love the people in my life who are important.

I promise not to talk about my dad in every blog for the rest of time - I will get back to the posts that were scheduled for the last couple of weeks and some more light hearted content.

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