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What's on My Wishlist?

What would I love to find under the Christmas tree this year? Well if I was writing my letter to Santa there would be a few things I would include:

I love quirky earrings - I've got an amazing collection, for my birthday I got beautiful silver acorns and tape cassettes - very different but both wonderful. I'm always excited when I get earrings.

Obviously books - this should go without saying, and whilst I tend to buy books throughout the year there are always special ones that I leave available for gifting. This year I have my fingers and toes crossed that I'll get the hardback copy of Murder Isn't Easy - The Forensics of Agatha Christie (hardback because the design matches the hardback copy of A is for Arsenic - The Poisons of Agatha Christie that I already own). There are also some fabulous books on poisonous plats and entomology that I'd love.

Although I like chocolate I'm super picky so generally no-one gets that for me, though if they were looking to get me an edible treat I'm always happy to get Marron Glace. It's very expensive for glace fruit (chestnuts in this case) and you can't eat much in one sitting .

I mentioned in last weeks blog that we set budgets for our Christmas gifting and this next item would absolutely blow that out of the water - so I'm not sure how I'll ever wangle this one, but I'd love a Remmington No2 portable typewriter. This is the model of typewriter that Agatha Christie wrote on (and if you haven't already guessed I am a huge fan) in addition it's a beautiful object from the 1930s. I don't currently have anywhere to put it so maybe that's a future Christmas (future home) item.

I like handmade things and love sculptures made from old cutlery and nuts and bolts - that kind of thing.

Of course a notebook (I am a writer after all), although I have a lot of these so it would need to be something special.

I collect fountain pens and have already built up a pretty spectacular collection (if I do say so myself) so these are always welcome. Although I have designs on a Mont Blanc one day there are a lot of reasonably priced options available.

It's not a huge list, because I am a simple girl, with simple (?) tastes. What's on your list, do you love tech or antiques or a mixture of both. Are you hoping to find a bottle of your favourite fragrance or tipple. Drop me a comment below and let me know.

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