Whitley Bay in the Evening

This little bit of coast line is beautiful, we’ve been here a few times and I really like it. It helps that there’s a truly excellent Fish & Chip shop that does great gluten free. One evening on my most recent visit we went out to do some evening photography.


The sun was just starting to go down and I captured this reflection of the lighthouse in the water.


It was a really still and peaceful evening and the lights from the busy town reflected off of the sea in such a lovely way, I am always entranced by images like this.


As it started to get dark the illuminations up the side of the lighthouse were really eye-catching and I like the way the clouds are still white a fluffy but you can imagine them turning grey and stormy.


I must have tried catching this shot a dozen times in order to get this one with the car lights a blur and I was really pleased with the affect.


By the time we packed up our cameras it was dark and late but it was an evening I thoroughly enjoyed. We had to walk back to the motorhome with the aid of a torch. These excursions with my camera help to remind me of the beautiful and interesting places I’ve visited. I love to use them to help me conjure up imagery and the set the scene when I’m writing.