When I set out to write my book I thought a lot about setting.  Now in some ways I'm lucky because my book takes place in an actual place.  If you write fantasy or sci-fi then I know world building will be a huge part of your process and you’ll have so much more to think about.

I’ve lived near to Edinburgh all my life and I was pretty confident I knew it well. It’s an amazing city, people have heard of it so I thought it was perfect. But by the end of Chapter One I had realised that I didn’t know Edinburgh nearly as well as I thought or needed to.

This left me with two options

  1. Go out discover more of Edinburgh, research.  Look at maps.

  2. Change my setting.

I gave this a lot of consideration but in the end I decided to change my setting and not because it was the easy option. It was because this dilemma had forced me to sit back and really think about why I had chosen that setting in the first place. It made me realise that right on my doorstep was an amazing setting that I actually did know well.

Fife and more specifically Dunfermline. The allure of Edinburgh was strong but the pull of Fife was more personal. I understand the local colloquialisms, It's where I've lived most of my days and the more I thought about it I couldn’t believe that I had overlooked it for the shiny lights of Edinburgh.