The Next Steps


I thought I would feel elated and in truth I allowed myself to feel it a little for about 24 hours. I had after all finished my book. Let me tell you anyone who says that writing the book is the hard part isn’t, in my opinion, being wholly truthful.

Writing the book is the start. I’ve said it before, you can’t do anything, take any more steps towards your goal if you don’t actually write the book. 

Let’s be honest though, that’s the good bit, the exciting bit. I wanted to create and develop stories, plots and characters. The what comes next while nowhere near as fun, however is equally important. I wasn’t about to say ‘Well, jolly good I’ve written a book I’ll get that sent off to publishers right away’  Because I take the business of being a writer seriously.  And I want agents and publishers to take me seriously too.

The next step towards my goal is editing. I know having got caught up in the creativity of the writing, seeing it all come to fruition in front of me that that there would be some errors. That did not prepare me for the cringing embarrassment I felt when I discovered how many times I’d used the wrong ‘your/you’re’.

There were also plenty of times I took a red pen to chunks of the page because it just wasn’t good enough, made no sense or was irrelevant. It would be easy to get disheartened during this first edit, I won’t, what I’ve done so far is important to me, getting my book published is important to me. When I’m ready to make enquiries with agents I want to know that what I am putting forward represents the best version of my work otherwise all those hours typing away and all that elation would be for nothing and for me that’s not ok.

Before I wrote my book I had never written anything of this length and as a result I've never edited a book either. This is all new to me and I'm learning as I go along and sometimes it's easy but most of the time it's hard work and frustrating. What I have accepted is that by letting editing be my friend not my enemy I will end up with a much more polished complete end result.