At a Cross Roads


I've just completed the third round of editing and I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming together. I finally feel like it's a work I can be proud of. I feel like Have found my editing grove and it’s nice to see how taking the time to polish the manuscript is really paying off. I still have a couple of rounds to go before I'm ready to start contacting agents and thinking everything all that that entails.

I find myself in this strange place where there is still work to be done on my finished book but I'm not doing anything new. I find that I really miss the writing part the creating new stories and events.  

What I decided to do was start a new work in progress.  My current book is the first in a series. I decided that until it had a home I would work on something different a stand alone project. I had a good idea and I thought why not just go with it.

After 10000 words I'm not really feeling it. I don't like the characters and yes I know I created them so there is a weird irony in the fact I don't like them. The truth is I can only think of what the other guys are doing waiting for me to get round to giving them a new case to work on. I have to be true to myself. I have shelved the stand alone book for a time that it's ready to come into its own.  

The idea of working on my second book excites me. I have a fair bit of research for this story line to work so that's where I'll start but I'm not going to lie I have already worked up an opening scene. I know how important it is to give my attention to the work I've already finished. I also know that I need to write and create.