Preparing for Submission


This last week and a half I've been preparing my book for submission to agents. As anyone who has ever done this will confirm it sounds easier than it is.  

My book is ready to go and actually I've been pussy footing around this bit for too long, it got to the stage where I had to give myself a talking to and a kick up the arse. So if you're wondering why if my book was ready was I wasting time procrastinating, then this is the reason:

I loved the process of creating my book, I even came to enjoy the polishing process which is editing.  I was chuffed to bits with the feedback I got and that the readers suspected who I wanted them to and felt excitement and frustration where they were meant to. But the idea of writing a synopsis and a letter and maybe a personal CV was daunting. What do you say, how do you stand out, what if you don't get it across well.

This is really unchartered territory for me. I spent a whole day doing this (and drinking tea).  I was moderately satisfied with the first draft of it all. I'm nearly there.

I still have one thing holding me back and it's a biggy.  I've decided I don't like the title of my book!  

Now yes, I chose it. In fact I would say that at the beginning of this process I expended way, way too much energy on trying to come up with a title and for a while I was pleased with myself. Now though it just feels a bit cheesy and uninspiring.

I guess these days I expect more from myself and I have realised it isn't important to have all the details figured out at the beginning. I'll continue playing with new title ideas whilst I polish my submission information. I'll keep you posted on my progress.