Author Confessions - WIP The Long Lie


I feel I've reached the stage in my journey that I want to share some more information on my book so today I thought I do a few author confessions.

1. I like one of my secondary characters more than my main character most of the time and although she doesn't know it she would be less without him.

2. My main character, Ava is a lesbian, but this isn't a big deal because it was important to me to have her sexuality there but as incidental like it is with heterosexual relationships.  

3. This book evolved from a really crap idea into something quite special.

4. My book is a police procedural crime book.  I wanted to write crime but intention was never for it to be a police procedural that's just how it evolved.

5. My setting made me really explore and think about my home town/county in a way I hadn't done before.

6.  Only one of my beta readers guessed who the killer really was.  This made me feel proud of my work.

7.  I don' t plan my work so when one of my characters threw me a curve ball regarding a murder weapon I was as shocked as Ava.

These are just a few but I  hope you enjoyed them.