Shiny New WIP


A couple of months ago I started playing around with an idea for a new story, the premise of which popped into my head on my commute to work. In the beginning all it was, was one line of speech. I was looking for a new project so I started to think about how that line could evolve and what the story could become.

I created a brief outlines, details pretty vague as per my usual style, but there was definitely something there. So I went on to create the first few chapters and then I stopped. And some you may remember me talking about how I didn’t like my characters and it wasn’t a project I felt properly passionate about. The thing is I’d hit a brick wall, I wasn't sure that I had got the format right, but I knew in essence it was a story I wanted to tell.

I walked away, left it to ferment for a while even started on a different project one I thought I was more drawn to but the other story was still there in the back of my mind constantly popping up and wanting attention and this week I've come back to it. Had a re-read and thought there's something here. I decided to reach out to a couple of trusted Beta readers to get some feedback from the little I had already written. The feedback was they wanted to know what happened next and that this was a project they encouraged me to complete.

It's very different from what I've written before; I'm writing from a different POV and the dynamic of the characters is completely different. I feel stretched when I write it, in a good way.  

I still sometimes miss the characters from my first book and their sequel is definitely in my plans.  But for now I'm enjoying that feeling of creating something absolutely brand new and developing new characters. It's harder than last time but a little hard work won't hurt me and often it can result in something quite special. So fingers crossed.