If At First You Don't Succeed...


All of my recent submissions have now with been rejected by email or by the stony silence of the agency time frames running out. How do I feel? Ok actually, surprisingly I'm doing fine. Would it have been nice if someone had replied wanting more pages or the whole manuscript - of course if would, but I started this journey with the full expectation of rejection. I've talked plenty about how it has made me feel, got me down etc. But now I feel strangely motivated by the experience.  

I have gone back to the drawing board with my synopsis and covering letter.  I've also looked over my manuscript with critical eyes asking myself it if it really is the best job I can do. I have emerged with a synopsis that I think is so much better and a covering letter that makes me feel more confident. All through this process I have been learning and growing as a writer. I have accepted that this is another element to that.

This might be a fork in the road but giving up has never been an option so I'm going to continue on the road to publication. More than anything this experience has shown me how serious I am, not getting to disheartened at the first signs of challenge and difficulty, not running for the hills considering giving it all up as a silly idea.

Dreams only stay dreams if you choose not to work on the plan, so I'll continue grafting towards my ultimate goal. It might not be achieved with this novel, but luckily I'm a writer, I have lots of stories to tell.