Author Confessions Part 2 - The Long Lie


Way back in August when occasionally it still felt like summer I shared some author confessions on the book I have out for query at the moment and I felt it was high time I shared some more.

1. I spent valuable time researching and choosing a title for my book way back when it wasn't a fully formed idea. I regret this, not only was it a waste of time I came to really dislike that title and then had to spend time finding a new one at the end.

2. I am not good at waiting and I find this part of the query process excruciating.

3. Sometimes I think Ava my MC is so bad tempered and I find it interesting how easily I tap into that type of emotion and find it satisfying to write.

4. When I feel like my work is rubbish I read the original first draft and remind myself how far I've come .

5. Ava's brother was killed in the first Iraq war in the 1990s they weren't close and Ava wishes she knew him more, that's why she cherishes the car he left her even though she used to hate it when he was alive.

6. The dialogue was my favourite part of the writing process.

7. I can't bring myself to write the next book in the series until I know the fate of this one that my current WIP is a stand alone.

I hope you have enjoyed the insight into the book and myself.  I promise to post more author confessions in the future.