I'm Late...


In Novemberish of 2015 I had an idea and that idea grew and allowed me for the first time in a long time to believe I could have a life other than the one I had. Don't get me wrong I was already in an extremely lucky position. I have a wonderful husband that is truly supportive and an amazing daughter who I am incredibly proud of, I have a job and a nice house.

It was one of many occasions in 2015 when I asked my self the question ‘what’s in this for me?’ I was doing a job that had more downsides than up. It took me away from home more than I had intended, it had made me miss my husband’s birthday for the first time ever and the goal posts were ever changing. Every time I asked myself the question the answer just wasn’t satisfactory.

What that job did give me was the kick up the arse I had been needing for some time. It made me question what I really wanted. It made me think about what it would take to get what I really wanted and it made me believe that if I worked really hard I could have it.  

Long term plans scare me there are so many things that can change over a five year period that setting plans for that length of time seemed unrealistic so this was the first time I had used one in earnest. I still work for the same employer albeit doing a job that works much better with my work life balance. I don't hate that job but I want a life where I love what I do and I am not getting any younger, I decided this was my opportunity to grab what I wanted by the balls and make this plan. 

Five year plan sounds quite dry and unappealing so I call this my escape plan. I'm almost a year and a half into this and while the first nine months went according to plan the other have been lagging behind. In part this is due to some very naïve expectations on how long the editing and beta reading process would take and how much rework I would do to polish the edges after the beta process. I hadn't considered how challenging the synopsis would be to write. Also I had unrealistic expectations that I would be able to write my second book whilst editing at the same pace as the first. 

Whilst I was prepared for and expected the wait to hear back from agents I started that process months later than I intended. I considered extending the length of the plan but this was not really something I wanted to do. The first year and a half was the timeline that I had built the most structure for from the beginning, what I'll do next will be to look at the structure of the next eighteen months and see how I can make up lost time and reshuffle the plan.

Yes I am behind schedule but that's ok because the learning that I have gained and what I have achieved so far makes up for it. And even though I am running late it doesn't mean I can't cross the finish line when I planned. The most important thing is that I keep running.