In the Right Direction


A couple of months ago I wrote a blog about my new WIP.  It had been an idea that I had a bit of a stop start approach with but it had started coming together when I last wrote about it.  I thought now is as good a time as any to give you all an update. 

This work has been a real challenge for me. I am writing from a first person POV and I know that for lots of people this is their go to but for me this has been a point of view that I have really struggled with in the past. The book I'm currently querying started life as first person POV and was an absolute pile of garbage until I changed it. Maybe past experiences are affecting my approach to this aspect more than the challenge of the work itself.

Despite the difficulties this WIP has thrown at me I now feel like it is coming together and building into a solid foundation. It's a stretching write for me which in honesty I'm not sure I would have even considered attempting a couple of years ago.

Because this isn't an easy style for me one of the things I have been doing recently to help myself is reading a lot of books written in this style to help me get some hints and tips in how to naturally incorporate description and build other three dimensional characters.  I find that doing this kind of supporting reading can help you see your manuscript clearer and help you to identify where mistakes have been made or where opportunities to add depth have been missed.

I look forward to each time I sit down at my computer and get the opportunity to write more.  I’m now at that stage where I know the characters and they’re starting to take real shape for me. I always know when I’ve got into a grove with a WIP when I start imagining and creating scenes whilst I’m driving home from work. This is the time I use to work them through in my mind to think about what this adds to the overall story and how my MC will react and what impact it will have on her future actions.

I guess in short what I’m saying is that I’m really starting to enjoy writing this. It started out as a story that was nagging me to be written without me necessarily connecting with it fully. Now after 20,000 words I'm on solid ground and I’m looking forward to discovering all that this first draft has to offer.