Author Confessions - Good & Guilty


Today I thought I would give you some insights into my current WIP in order that you might know more and that I might remember why I started writing it.

1. My main character, Gwen, is a serial killer who genuinely believes her actions provide the justice that society and the law were unable to dish out.

2. Gwen tries not to make friends as it affects her ability to be detached, she likes her world ordered and isolates herself from others to protect herself.

3. Gwen comes across very matter of fact, but there are moments when you see that she feels really deeply the pain of others.

4.  She has very strict boundaries, she is not for hire and no one makes the final decision on who lives and who dies but her.

5. Gwen has been a loner all her life, bullied and misunderstood by her family.

6. Gwen has a little sister that she’s very close to and it’s her relationship with her and anyone else she’s ever bonded with that show a different side to her personality

7. At school she was well behaved, had excellent grades but was quiet to the point that on parents evening teachers had no recollection of her being in their classes.

8.  Every death begins with an investigation and this time she may have got herself in real danger.  I'm hoping that one of the other characters will surprise me and come to her aid before it's too late. 

That's an insight into Gwen my main character from current WIP.  I enjoyed writing this and it's helped reignite the spark in me to tell her story.