Making a Break Through


My current WIP has been part labour of equal parts love and torture, I’ve considered giving up more times than I ever imagined I would. I have been pushed and challenged, but you know what I'm so glad I've kept going.

I'm not a detailed planner as many of you will know from previous blogs.  And whilst I still stand by my methodology I can see why so many writers like a detailed plan, plenty of them would tell me if I had had one I won't have had half the struggles I've had. They'd be right, but that approach would have brought me different struggles and challenges and wouldn't have suited my creative process. I would've probably deviated from the plan anyway because I never was very good at doing what I was told even when it's me that's doing the telling.

On the flip side I get to enjoy the thrill and satisfaction of the breakthrough. Ordinarily when I write I am fairly set on one or two things.  I know my main character, I know the crime I know who did it and I know how it was going to end.  Breakthroughs normally come in how the plot moulds around these things.

In my current WIP though I've known a lot less.  I knew my main characters and my setting, I knew the intricate details of the sub plots that support the main plot.  I knew the main crime but I had a couple of options for who committed the crime and because of that the ending was up in the air.  That was all fine in the beginning but as I got towards the middle the lack of knowing became more and more problematic. 

During my writing session last week I took a break from putting words on the page, made myself a nice cup of tea and cogitated the ending of my WIP which resulted in some excellent notes being scribbled onto three scraps of paper which I have now fashioned into a flow chart .  This breakthrough was tremendously satisfying and I rewarded myself with a Freddo (small frog shaped chocolate bar for anyone not from the UK).

Now I feel prepared for the second half of my story.,I feel confident and enthusiastic and that's what a good breakthrough can do for you.  Never underestimate the power of a good cup of tea and the determination to write the right words.