Notes on a Plane

This last week has involved some travel for me and on the plus side it has been for pleasure and not business.  On Saturday I spent about five and a half hours on the most noisy, rowdy plane journey of my life. If nothing else it was an anthropological study into why excessive alcohol shouldn't be consumed before 12 noon immediately before putting 200 or so people in a confined space. Just to be clear it wasn't me who was consuming the alcohol but it seemed like everyone else around me had.  

I was prepared for this flight, I had podcasts, audio books and my kindle.  And I'm not against anyone having a nice time or enjoyment but I'm an introvert and a considerate person so I tend to roll all that into how I choose to behave. The seat belt on warning light had no affect on most of the passengers and the cabin crew seemed to have lost complete control of the situation.  

The whole thing hadn't started well when the bus taking us from the terminal to the plane was rammed full and the doors didn't open for a lifetime.  I'm claustrophobic and was on the verge of a panic attack before I was even on the plane and was so happy my husband was there to keep me calm.

What does any of this have to do with writing I hear you saying.  Well if you haven't already guessed I found this whole experience uncomfortable.  It was very difficult to relax, what I did was start to think about my WIP.  I recently had a break through in what has been a particularly tough write for me and on the plane I decided to whip out my note book and pen and focus on ironing out a few of the plot points my recent breakthrough had raised.  I took the time to tie a few things together to under pin some of the sub plots that I had put in earlier but as a pantser wasn't really sure how they were going to come together.

Iā€™m sure you are thinking if the plane was too noisy to read, or listen to anything how did I manage to concentrate on my WIP.  But that's the thing, writing takes me into a whole other world.  The focus I was able to put into my creating was enough to block out what was going on around me.  Also I have to say that it is the most forward planning of a WIP I have ever done.  I know where I am going with this WIP and I am really excited to start bringing together the second half of this book.