Editing - Good & Guilty


I’m currently really enjoying the editing process of my current WIP.  I remember when I was editing my first book I really expected to hate that part of the process but found myself really taking pleasure in it. A lot of that was down to the fact that I realised early on that the editing process was so important and I saw what it could do for my work.  Also on first read through I realised how many mistakes I’d made.

Second time round I was super excited from the get go of the editing process.  When I wrote this book I started with a basic premise but other than that I didn't really know where the story was going and this was what made writing it a real labour of love. I've spoken about it before in past blogs but this book was nearly discarded so many times but the story just wouldn't leave my mind.  It needed to be written.

I was about half way through when the ending came to me and it was probably one of the most significant breakthroughs I've ever had in writing.  From that moment I found I was able to get high word count days out and this was genuinely a first.

All this makes the editing process even more important to me because I need to make sure there is continuity throughout and make sure that everything fits together.  I've always been a pantser so there was definitely elements of this in my first book but I knew what was going to happen at the end and this meant there was more connectivity.

I’m already really proud of my current WIP for nothing less than it exists and frankly I wasn't sure it was going to.  It has challenged my plotting ability and has raised my writing skills to another level. I could have given up and written something less taxing but I believed in myself and the story and for this reason I’m going to fully invest in my editing process.  I want this work to shine and I am prepared for the polishing that will take.

Maybe I'm the only one who feels like this but editing is special, it's the quiet time I get with my manuscript before I embark on beta reading and letting it take its first tentative steps into the world.