No Army can Withstand the Strength of an Idea Whose Time has Come (Victor Hugo)


I’m busy editing my current WIP and getting it all ship shape for starting the querying process. I’ve been completely enjoying the editing process this time around. It hasn't been so overwhelming which is great. Environmental factors have reduced the amount of time I've had available and I’ve found myself running a bit behind schedule but I'm ok with that. I want to make sure that my WIP is in the best condition possible before I look for representation.

When I'm editing or almost as soon as I've finished a project's first draft I do find that my mind almost becomes flooded with new ideas. It's not that I specifically shut them out when I'm in the throws of creating a first draft. But I don't give them a lot of air time, I might give them a few moments consideration and then I'll jot them down to think about later. What happens when I've completed a first draft is they start bubbling back up to the surface and want some play time almost like my mind is trying to pitch new options to me.

At the end of my last book and this time around two pretty good ideas have formulated. If you follow my blog you'll have read that I had a really on off relationship with the WIP I’ve just finished and really considered shelving it for the second in series to my first book. But it refused to be shelved, it kept nagging at me so I decided to work really hard on bringing it to life. It was a good decision.

My two pending ideas are the first in a series or a stand alone. In between editing I took some notes and created a rough outline on both ideas and I've decided to go with the stand alone. A decision I'm pretty sure I will doubt the sanity of as soon as I start to write. I know that this idea is the more complicated story line and will require me to work a bit harder again.  I am sure that at some point I'll be blogging or tweeting about the challenges it's causing me.

The exciting thing for me is that the ideas keep on coming and I feel I'm in a good place creatively. I’ve so many directions I could take myself. And the ideas I have put to one side for now aren't forgotten, they're just waiting for me to decide the time is right.

My friends have asked me if I'm worried that I’ll ever run out of new ideas and I always laugh and say no. Truthfully I am more afraid that I'll run out of time to write all the stories I have in me.