Querying Good & Guilty


I started querying my second book in mid September, I’ve been taking a more relaxed approach to it. I have probably six to ten agents that from my research come into the category of agents I’d love to work with and I am approaching them first. That doesn’t mean I think the other twenty or so agents on my list wouldn’t be good to work with, I simply don’t know as much about them. The first of my submissions will reach it’s rejection deadline this Saturday. There will be a moment of sadness when that day passes, which it will I suspect, without any good news. But it’s ok. I’ll be okay.

Every writer is rejected, it’s an integral part of the profession, we get rejected by agents, publishers and readers and it’s always okay because we find our people. Those who get what you’re about and want to be part of that. Writing isn’t about appealing to everyone, it’s about finding your people and embracing and nurturing those relationships.

I hope I’ll find a connection with an agent that works for us both but I’m not as scared as I was the first time, I don’t feel like my whole self worth is riding on this and I don’t believe that being rejected means the world is telling me to stop or that I have no talent.

I’m really proud of this book. I’m really proud of how hard I worked to make this story work. I had terrific feedback from my betas. I’m putting the best version of me out there is what I’m saying. I’ll keep you updated with how it all goes and I hope you’re having every success on your own journey.