The Old & The New


As the New Year is only hours away now it seems like a really good time to give an update as to where I am with my WIPs.

Good & Guilty is still out to query and I continue with my slow an steady approach making sure that I’m contacting agents that I’ve researched thoroughly and feel that I’d like to work with.

In the meantime I have started a new WIP tentatively named The Wasps Nest. I have had a rocky start to this WIP. I wrote the first 25000 words and realised that it wasn’t going how I wanted it to and was beginning to turn into a police procedural, which wasn’t the intention.

It’s really hard to accept that you might need to scrap so much hard work and time but the truth was I did, if I hadn’t I would have lost the primary voice and she’d have become a secondary character in her own story. I also moved from third person POV to first. The story is told from three separate POV and this is a first for me and I’m finding it really challenging.

A couple of years ago I would have probably opted for an easier option, I might even have let it become a police procedural, thinking that was just the way the story was meant to go. Writing Good & Guilty taught me that sometimes you have to raise your game to meet the needs of the book. I have a really clear vision for how I want to tell this story, Harmony, the MC has been with me as a character for a long time. I tried writing her story in 2012 but it didn’t work out then and in some ways I’m glad because I don’t think I had the ability to do her justice six years ago.

I always find the first third/half of any new project the hardest, it’s where I have most of my doubts and lack of self belief. I think that’s because you’re just coming off the high of having finished a project. I feel like with Good & Guilty it was in my blood, almost by the end but I have to keep reminding myself it definitely wasn’t that way to begin with. Getting a feel for writing new characters always takes a while that’s what I think really changes in the second half of a WIP it’s not that it’s got any easier it’s more that you’ve become more comfortable with the characters voices. The same reason that I find that my books need more editing in the first 40000 words than later on.

I look forward to sharing the progress of The Wasps Nest with you as we go through 2019 and continue to believe that Good & Guilty will find its place in the world next year too.