Good & Guilty Querying Update


I have been querying this book since about October last year but taking a very slow and steady approach. In November an agent who I really like and admire asked to read the full manuscript. Getting that email was an amazing moment. I think I felt just pure joy that someone was enjoying my work and wanted to read the rest. This was my first request for full MS, my previous book didn’t get any requests.

I decided that I didn’t want to get my hopes up and that no matter what I would take it as a win that I’d got further than I ever had before. Of course that’s hard to do when you start to imagine all of the great things that could happen if you were to get that offer of representation.

Patience is not one of my more honed skills but I controlled my urge to spend every waking moment thinking about it. I did some research and discovered that it’s not unusual for it to take three months to get a response to a full MS request.

The last week the email came and it was a no, I was disappointed, sad and had a moment where I’d have liked to have cried. When you scrape away all of those initial emotions and look at the feedback there were definitely things to be proud of. A literary agent said that I write really well and that interactions between my characters were good. They had some areas they didn’t like and didn’t feel that they could passionate enough about this project. It was a lovely response, encouraging me to believe that this ambition I have isn’t a ridiculous pipe dream. Someone who knows what they’re talking about and who I respect said I write really well.

I’m still pondering all of the feedback and thinking about feedback from Betas, deciding if there are things I want to change. It would be madness not to consider if I could improve my manuscript.

Yes I was rejected and that sucked but I also gained a lot. You’ve got have the rain to get the rainbow, it’s onwards and upwards from here and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.