Tweet Pitch


Last week I had the excitement of meeting some of my Twitter writing in friends in real life and we had a blast, which I’ll talk about more in another post or you can read about on Twitter. This is where I found out about #XpoNorth.

#XpoNorth was an opportunity for writers in Scotland to pitch their work in a tweet, a year 280 characters and then agents, publishers etc could have a read and contact anyone they were interested in. I wouldn’t have known about it, some how it hadn’t been something I’d come across, if it weren’t for Marion Todd.

I found out about on Wednesday afternoon, mentioned it to my husband on Wednesday evening and wrote the tweet on Thursday morning before work. I’m aware I’m in danger of sounding like a Craig David song, but you get the idea, there wasn’t a lot of time.

I was lucky on Thursday. Normally I have a 30 mile commute and I leave the house at 7.20am to be at work for 8.30am but on Thursday I was going to a course which was only 3 miles away and a 5 minute commute. Even though I got extra time in my bed I still found myself with extra time to kill before I left for my day. I put it to good use writing my tweet.

Boiling 80,000 words down to 280 characters is tough, it needs to be punchy and eye catching and give enough information to hook an agent or publisher and make them want more.

I’m a complete novice at this and was in the it’s worth a punt mindset. Never having done one of these I didn’t initially realise that you could tweet multiple times and use different tweets. Unfortunately by the time I discovered this I was at work making it nearly impossible to focus on Twitter.

The event ran from 9am to 9pm and I decided to post my tweet nearish to mid day.

I was busy checking the hashtag and there were lots of great concepts, so I knew there was stiff competition but isn’t there always? We’re just not usually so blatantly aware.

I’m delighted to say that my tweet did get the attention of an agent who asked me to query to her, which I did the next day (this morning). Its exciting and I’m really interested in her feedback. I’ll let you know who it goes.