Jack in A Box - A new WIP


I said in my last WIP update that I was working on something new and I wanted to share a little bit about it with you all. This isn’t actually a new new idea, I had it probably a year or so ago but I was still working on Good & Guilty at the time so I did what I always do and popped the skeleton of the idea down in my notebook and got on with the WIP in hand. When I was deciding what to work on after Good & Guilty it was always a toss up between The Wasps Nest and Jack in A Box.

Whilst The Wasps Nest is on hold it made sense to work on Jack in A Box and besides the main character Rowan had been pushing her way into my thoughts as I drove home from work every day since Christmas. Ironically I probably have less of an idea where this plot will take me but the character voices are stronger in my mind.

Jack in a Box is designed to be the first in a series which is exciting as Good & Guilty and The Wasps Nest are standalone. The idea of writing a series is both appealing and frightening at the same time. I think you get a real opportunity to delve into a character when you have a series but in a standalone there’s more of a sense of urgency that can carry you along.

Good & Guilty made me push myself and I think my writing was better because of that. I want to keep pushing myself with Jack in a Box and with The Wasps Nest. The two main characters are really different Rowan is a feisty woman with a big attitude where as Harmony has been fighting her own quiet battle most of her life she’s only just beginning to understand herself and Rowan already knows herself and what she’s capable of.

I have great love for both characters and fully intend to write both books, maybe even at the same time - who knows. Right now my focus is on Jack in a Box and I look forward to keeping you updated on how I get on sculpting a plot for Rowan.