A Tale of Two WIPs


It may come across to everyone reading that my blog that I’m a bit clueless from time to time and that I don’t really know what I’m doing. The truth is that I am and I don’t always. When I wrote my first book I didn’t have competing ideas I had one idea that I really liked and that I worked through several versions of till I produced the final draft. I don’t know if any of you have red Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (I know it’s not for everyone) in it she talks about ideas as though they are a living entity and if you don’t use them they go hang out with someone else. Whilst I don’t agree with her theories 100% what I took from her book is that ideas are more available when you are open to them. So what I did then, I think is when I wrote my first book I opened the flood gates to ideas and a few of them felt like they had potential.

You’ll know that my second book was born out of a series of frustrating attempts and several abandonments before I really gave it my all and I will never be sorry that that idea one out and became the second book I wrote. I am proud of it and how hard I worked to make it come to life. But I did give up on it more times than I care to remember and now I find myself in a similar position for book three. I’m almost starting to wonder if having two competing ideas has become part of my process.

I had recently decided to take a break from writing Wasps Nest in favour of Jack in the Box then driving home from work a few days ago I felt the next few pieces of the puzzle slip into place, maybe this happened because I’d taken the pressure off of myself by saying I was going to shelve it for a while or maybe my brain likes to take the mick out of me, who knows.

But I was enjoying writing Jack in a Box and started to wonder if I could have my cake and eat it - could I write two books at once? There are plenty of people who wouldn’t consider this a viable option because they like to emerge themselves in one project at a time and I totally understand that, if you’d asked me before this point I would have said I was one of those.

I would say the thing that puts me off writing two books at one the most is time, I feel fairly confident that I could move between projects although I may not think so when the plots progress but I work full time and I already cram querying, blogging and writing. The sensible part of my brain says ‘pick one and get on with it’, the other part says ‘what the hell, give it a go. What’s the worst that can happen?’

At this point I really don’t know what direction I’ll go but i’ll keep you updated either way. I’d love to hear about your WIPs and why you chose them, why not leave me a comment.