When you Know you Know


I’m sure this year I’ve seemed a bit flaky when it comes to settling into a new WIP and at first I gave myself a hard time for not being able to make what on the face of it should’ve been a simple decision. Then, as is so often the case I found I was reading and watching AuthorTube videos with more and more writers saying a similar thing, having to admit they want to swap projects or give up on things they’d previously talked about.

I don’t know if they felt the same as me but there’s some weird sense of shame attached to changing your mind for me, like somehow it negates the genuineness of what I previous said. Every time I sit down to write an update I’m speaking from the heart and telling you the truth. It’s just that sometimes the variables shift and how I feel about something changes.

I have been super motivated to write this week. I’ve been listening to The Best Seller Experience Podcast a lot recently and I find it really inspiring that along with watching Will Dean on YouTube has really helped get me into a good headspace.

I’ve gone back to writing the WIP I have tentatively titled The Wasps Nest. I was for a little while at least working on that alongside Jack in A Box but now I am purely focusing on The Wasps Nest. Not because I don’t want to write Jack in A Box I do it’s just I realised I really wanted to write The Wasps Nest right now.

The Wasps Nest is told from three points view and is therefore one of the hardest things to write and I really considered scrapping the multi POV angle but ultimately it’s what’s right for this story. And I thin one of the things that had been a barrier to me working on it previously had been fear. Fear that I couldn’t write multi POV, fear that it was just too hard and I wouldn’t be able to produce a cohesive story line.

I’ve worked through a lot of that fear with Will Deans words ‘write the book’ playing regularly in the back of my mind. This week has been one of my best word count weeks for a long, long time. So far I’ve written 7000 words and I am so proud of myself. 5000 of those were written today which is great but I’ve had all day to get them written, I am almost more proud of the other 2000 words which I’ve managed to write by squeezing in writing sessions at other times.

Maybe writing 7000 words in a week and getting down the first lot of chapters from each POV has been what’s making me feel really positive. I’ve given myself a lofty goal of having this first draft finish by June 30th this year and if I manage it I will be beyond happy.

I’ll keep you updated and would love to hear about the progress you’re making with your WIPs so if you feel like sharing please drop me a note in the comments.

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