Good & Guilty Querying Update


I’ve said since I completed this book that I wanted to do the querying differently to the last time, better and that’s obviously driven by the fact that I got a full house of rejections for my last book but also because I’ve learnt a lot since then.

The thing is I think I’m always learning ways to improve how I query. I’m drawn to blogs and YouTube videos about other people’s experiences and successes. If tweaking what I send out can help me get past the first hurdle then it can only be good.

It’s hard to describe how deeply I believe in this book. If you’re a writer you’ll probably have a natural understanding for it but I have to be honest I didn't feel so strongly about my previous book and it’s possible that it came across in my submissions to agents.

In a lot of ways I’m sad that Good & Guilty is a stand alone, I’ve toyed with the idea of a sequel and who knows that could happen in the future. It took me a while to get to like the main character Gwen but by the end I was so fond of her it was hard to say goodbye.

I guess this is why querying Good & Guilty means so much. I really want a career in writing and I have lots of other great ideas and characters with stories to share but I would love it if that career started with Gwen.

Today I put in the time to re write the blurb about my book that I put in my covering letters and when I was happy with that I rewrote the blurb I include about me. Then I sent out to another five carefully selected agents.

Now I have waiting times between three weeks and three months and I’ll be able to put it to the back of my mind for the most part, except for every time my phone pings to tell me I’ve got an email. There are some more agents I’d like to query and in a couple of weeks I’ll do the next round.

I’d love to know how everyone is getting on with querying and what you’ve learned, feel free to drop me a note in the comments.