The Struggle


I’m going to be really honest with you all, I’ve been struggling a little bit. I thought committing to NanoWrimo would spur me on give me a target to focus on. And to some extent it did.I gave myself the target 40k words and ended up with 20k and whilst 50% to target doesn’t sound like a win I’m still pretty pleased with that progress. But ultimately I don’t feel like I’ve got this at all and I don’t know whether it’s because I’m not fully committed to my WIP because I’m not going to lie part of my heart is still with Good & Guilty.

I know that Good & Guilty is out to agents and this is the waiting game but I became so invested in that story it’s hard to take myself away from those characters. To be honest I think there maybe a sequel in it but I’m not sure now is the time.

I’m certain that every writer has been where I am now and no doubt I’ll be here again. I feel like I’m in a quagmire (which incidentally is one of my favourite words). I took some time away from writing last week to see if that helped and I’m hoping that when I open up my word document later today I’ll feel like I can get back in the zone.

I hope that I keep on pushing through the quiet voices of self doubt that rumble in the back of my brain and come out the other side proud of what I have achieved. I try to be really positive on here always but today I felt that I needed to be honest and say this is tough.

If you’ve been where I am now I’d love to hear about how you got passed it, drop me a comment and maybe it’ll give me some inspiration and motivation to get going.