In Their Heads


Because I write without much planning, usually just some characters and a general idea I find that the first part of any WIP is slower to write. That’s mainly because I’m still finding my way inside the characters thoughts and minds. Just recently life has really scuppered all my writing plans between work commitments and home life commitments I’ve barely opened my WIP. I really hate it when I don’t get time to write and I find the frustration can spill over into my everyday life.

I’ve managed to deal with it a bit differently recently, using the time to think through the next stages of my WIP and ‘act’ them out in my mind. I even like to consider my MC in conversations that will never be part of my WIP, go back over their past and consider what happened when and how it shaped them.

I’ve been on lots of long commutes in the car and long train journeys for work recently and this is how I’ve spent my time. It’s kept my creative muscle in play and helped me to feel like I wasn’t falling behind.

My word count this last month has been ridiculously low but I remind myself as often as is needed that being a writer is not all about words on a blank page, it’s about the thinking, the people watching and observation skills you use that will all help shape your characters and your story.

I don’t feel bad that I’ve not written too much because I’ve used the time I have had productively getting deep inside the minds of my MC.