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Jack In A Box

A Rowan McFarlane Mystery

Book 1

When single mother Rowan joins her Uncle Jack’s detective agency she doesn’t expect his murder to be her first case. To find out who is responsible for his death she will need to solve another mystery, the disappearance of Jack’s best friend 30 years earlier.


Someone doesn’t want her digging up the past and they’re prepared to go to any lengths to keep their secrets hidden. Can she stand up to the danger, protect her daughter and bring a murderer to justice?


Sally In The Woods

A Rowan McFarlane Mystery

Book 2

12 years ago, 14 year old Sally Mitchell went missing. Last week the body of a teenage girl was found in Cuddieford Woods dressed in Sally’s clothes – but it’s not Sally’s body. 

Now the police are asking questions of the last person to see Sally alive as they investigate this shocking new murder.

Hired to prove his innocence, both then and now, Rowan must question everything, but can she trust her client to tell her the whole truth? 

DI George Johnston doesn’t want her anywhere near his murder enquiry, but as their investigations converge are either of them prepared for what they’re about to uncover?


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